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New Smith & Loveless PISTA Wastewater Grit Removal Chamber from CST Wastewater Solutions

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article image Smith & Loveless PISTA Wastewater Grit Removal Chamber

CST Wastewater Solutions  introduces the new Smith & Loveless PISTA wastewater grit removal chamber designed to efficiently extract up to 95 per cent of grit as small as 100 microns.  

The PISTA wastewater grit removal chamber is equipped with a new patented V-Force Baffle that increases the effectiveness of grit removal, according to Michael Bambridge, Managing Director of CST Wastewater Solutions.  

Designed for municipal and government wastewater treatment systems, the PISTA 360 uses an integral flow chamber baffle for the inlet and outlet of the main chamber.  

The baffle is designed to direct the inlet flow into the chamber in a manner that ensures proper vortex flow and prevents short-circuiting.  

The V-Force Baffle allows for a full 360º rotation through the inlet and outlet, providing maximum travel of the wastewater for effective grit removal before proceeding to downstream treatment processes.  

The baffle acts as a ‘slice weir’ to control the water level in the main chamber and in the inlet channel. Additional downstream flow control devices are not required to keep the velocity between 3.5 fps at peak flow and 1.6 fps at minimum flow with a 10:1 turn down.  

Mr Bambridge comments that the innovation further enhances the world’s best grit removal system from PISTA, which incorporates many engineering and cost saving features.  

By increasing chamber velocity during low flow periods, the baffle extends the grit extraction path within the vortexing grit chamber, increasing the amount of grit being captured on the chamber’s flat floor.  

Grit consists of a variety of particles including sand, gravel and several heavy inorganic materials.  

Grit found in domestic wastewater is mostly made up of coarser particles of 50 mesh size and bigger.  

Smaller particles of grit are also present in the wastewater, mostly in the range of 50-100 mesh. Finer grit, smaller than 100 mesh may be found in some coastal regions.  

The PISTA 360 wastewater grit removal chamber with V-Force Baffle allows water levels to be controlled with its design flexibility. Water level control is crucial because it maintains the proper velocities approaching the grit chamber.  

According to Mr Bambridge, water level control was achieved earlier by backing up the flow with a downstream submerged weir, which the PISTA 360 with its preset inlet and outlet openings eliminates.  

Key advantages of the V-Force Baffle: 

  • 95% grit removal efficiency down to 140 mesh particle size
  • Construction cost savings due to decreased overall grit system footprint
  • Increased grit chamber velocity during low-flow periods
  • Full 360º rotation in the chamber, lengthening the grit extraction path
  • Eliminates the need for downstream level control devices
  • Ability to handle a wide range of flows

The PISTA 360 with V-Force Baffle is a world-leading grit removal system for municipal wastewater systems and industrial facilities.  

Smith & Loveless supplier CST Wastewater Solutions is an Australian company formed more than 20 years ago by Michael Bambridge to introduce specialised wastewater screens to the industrial and municipal wastewater markets.  

CST has since broadened its scope of products with a range of specialised wastewater treatment equipment that is competitively priced and of high quality.  

CST’s capabilities include: 

  • Water and wastewater screening
  • Grit removal and dewatering
  • Septic receival stations
  • Dissolved air flotation
  • Sedimentation systems and clarifiers
  • Shaftless conveyors
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Lime handling
  • Silo systems 
  • Continuous sand filters
  • Microfilters and screens
  • Solar-powered circulation
  • UV disinfection
  • Ozone treatment
  • Anaerobic treatment

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