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Model R OXIGEST on-site effluent treatment plants available from CST Wastewater Solutions

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Wastewater has become an issue in wine, beverage and food manufacturing industries as water increases in value and effluent standards become stringent. According to CST Wastewater Solutions , the ongoing drought in wine and food growing areas is encouraging water recycling. Producers are upgrading the quality of used water they discharge into sewers or into the soil.

CST Wastewater Solutions offer wastewater treatment plants that are tailored to the specific needs of the beverage and food industries. CST Wastewater Solutions’ Smith & Loveless effluent treatment plants are installed in overseas wineries, including the Napa Valley in California. CST Wastewater Solutions observe that with Smith & Loveless effluent treatment plants, wine and food manufacturers can recycle their wastewater several times, meeting tough effluent standards and reducing their water bills.

CST Wastewater Solutions supply three types of on-site effluent treatment systems for food and beverage producers, designed to handle large, medium or small wastewater flows. For corporate and large production wineries and food manufacturers, the Model R OXIGEST on-site effluent treatment system features concentric tankage. This extended aeration system is designed for flows from 375 cubic metres per day (cmd) to 11,000-plus cmd.

For system flows of 20-11,000-plus cmd, the TITAN MBR on-site effluent treatment system is a membrane bioreactor (MBR) tailored to wastewater issues facing the wine, beverage and food manufacturing industries. It delivers quality effluent for these applications.

TITAN MBR on-site effluent treatment system utilises flat plate membranes for operation in the MBR technology. The membranes eliminate the need for a clarifier and for tertiary filtration. FAST (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) is suitable for winery and food manufacturing effluent from 20 to 375 cmds. It employs fixed-film media to cope with seasonal or variable flows, maintaining stable operation while minimising space use and maintenance requirements. Smaller, modular FAST systems can be buried in the ground, for both convenience and aesthetics.

FAST and TITAN systems are an addition to prefabricated and portable wastewater treatment plants. Both are activated sludge treatment systems that provide the benefits of a modular design and construction, low sludge production, few moving parts, low maintenance and systemic robustness. These systems are used for municipal and private developments to industrial and commercial sectors, as well as specialised marine use.

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