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Green Power Generation from Wastewater

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CST Wastewater Solutions  is a specialist provider of wastewater systems for industrial environments.  

The concept of using wastewater to create green energy is much more widely applicable than often realised. Any factory with a biological waste stream or wastewater with high COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) can easily use this model to generate energy.  

Most industries have mainly been focusing on treating their effluent to meet local discharge standards. By doing so, wastewater treatment installations have only generated additional costs and have never been seen as revenue generators.  

However, employing anaerobic wastewater treatment sheds a whole different light on the cost structure of wastewater treatment infrastructure. It can now actually become a substantial additional source of income for many factories and processing plants in Australia including vegetable and other primary product processing facilities.  

Benefits of Power from Effluent  

Clean effluent

On an average, the removal efficiency of GWE’s anaerobic wastewater treatment installations is as high as 90-95%, easily bringing the organic load down to regulatory discharge standards for most types of wastewater.  

Biogas production

A key advantage of anaerobic wastewater treatment is the controlled, continuous production of valuable biogas that occurs during the wastewater treatment.  

For specific industry applications with high organic loads, enough biogas can be generated to fully cover a factory’s energy needs and still have a biogas surplus to feed it into power generators and sell renewable energy to the national grid.   

Environmental advantages    

The GWE closed anaerobic process systems prevent large quantities of CH4 being emitted into the atmosphere.  

With CH4 being 21 times more harmful than CO2, GWE’s anaerobic wastewater solutions can also qualify for Emission Reduction Certificates for projects in countries listed under the United Nations Kyoto Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) programs.  

Efficient replacement for traditional WWTPs:

Additional environmental benefits accrue from the replacement of more traditional, CH4-polluting open lagoons and power consuming as well as sludge producing traditional aerobic WWTPs with anaerobic wastewater treatment plants.  

Anaerobic wastewater treatment plants for industries  

Anaerobic wastewater treatment with biogas recovery is possible for a very wide range of industries.  

The main criterion for energy-generating projects to become viable is the COD loading rate. A higher organic load in the wastewater generates more biogas and renewable energy.  

Typical industries amongst GWE’s proven references that are very suitable for anaerobic wastewater treatment include:

  • Beer and beverages
  • Food processing and canning
  • Snacks, confectionary and dairy
  • Fermentation industry
  • Biofuels
  • Pulp and paper
  • Agro and agro-processing industries
  • Petrochemicals

Choosing the right technology

In selecting a suitable technology provider for wastewater treatment with biogas utilisation, it is crucial to partner with a reliable, experienced team such as GWE/ CST Wastewater Solutions,

which between them provide a solid track record in this field complemented by more than 20 years of hands-on local wastewater experience.

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