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GWE clean water and green energy solutions available from CST Wastewater Solutions

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Anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment technology from Global Water Engineering (GWE), represented in Australasia by CST Wastewater Solutions , have been selected for installation by leading vegetable processing organisations.

Bonduelle have awarded Global Water Engineering (GWE) a contract for a combined anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment plant to serve two of their production facilities in Hungary. The contract will also include conversion of the existing boiler to dual fuel for biogas re-use. GWE have installed the technology installed at more than 200 plants worldwide, with clients including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Carlsberg, Heineken, SAB Miller and Lion Nathan.

Bonduelle’s,main processes are vegetable canning, frozen foods and fresh processed vegetables. The production facilities in Hungary are used for canning of corn and peas. Protection and preservation of the environment are crucial elements in Boudelle’s business model. By choosing GWE’s combined anaerobic and aerobic technologies, they will be able to deliver optimal water quality combined with generation of alternative green energy.

According to Jean Pierre Ombregt, CEO, Global Water Engineering, GWE’s technology will assist Bonduelle in further meeting their strict goals to preserve natural resources by controlling energy and water consumption. In Australasia, green energy generation from wastewater treatment does not always get as much attention as the traditional renewables, such as solar and wind.

Global Water Engineering (GWE) encourage businesses with organic content in their wastewater and waste streams to investigate the anaerobic potential for their specific case. The technologies involved are applicable to Australia and New Zealand. Through the representation of partners such as Global Water Engineering (GWE), CST Wastewater Solutions will further the trend towards smaller environmental footprints and conversion of industries from large energy consumers to net producers.

CST Wastewater Solutions are a member of the Global Water and Energy Alliance, a group of select companies around the world committed to provide solutions in water and wastewater treatment for the recovery of green energy and water.

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