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Dissolved air flotation systems from CST Wastewater Solutions

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article image Dissolved air flotation systems available from CST Wastewater Solutions

CST Wastewater Solutions  dissolved air flotation systems are innovative European engineered units with high solid / liquids separation efficiencies and sludge thickening abilities that are a result of combining a system of hydraulic distribution and filtration through a bed of micro bubbles in a single system.

The unique part of these CST Wastewater Solutions dissolved air flotation systems is its multifunctional central column. Raw wastewater and saturated recycled water pass through this central column, which also collects the clarified water and the thickened sludge.

The raw wastewater, saturated with air is then introduced into the main body of the dissolved air flotation tank via a series of openings located around the circumference of the lower part of the central column.

Solids are then immediately carried to the surface by the micro bubbles and evenly distributed over the flotation area in a uniform hydrodynamic condition. This rapid rise to the surface encourages sludge to accumulate on the surface of the flotation tank, which is then removed by a rotating adjustable scroll scoop or a surface skimmer without disturbing the sludge blanket.

Key characteristics of these dissolved air flotation systems include:

  • low-head circular tank
  • bottom sediment removal system
  • continuous cleaning system for the inside wall
  • inspection window for visual control of the flotation process
  • automatic control of sludge blanket
  • high saturation efficiency (>90%)
  • complete dissolution of injected air 
  • automatic control of injected air
  • no requirement for purging of excess air.
These dissolved air flotation systems are constructed of AISI 304 (flotation tank) and AISI 316 (saturator), however there is the possibility of construction entirely in AISI 316 or other types of steel. Additionally, it is possibility to install a dissolved air flotation system in existing or new circular tanks in reinforced concrete.
Dissolved air floatation systems for the treatment of wastewater are suitable for a range of applications, including:
  • dairies and cheese factories
  • the paper industry
  • the food industry
  • the oil industry
  • wineries
  • tanneries
  • primary and secondary clarification in municipal and industrial biological wastewater plants
  • sludge thickening
  • the textile industry
  • large laundries
  • the chemical industry
  • refineries.

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