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Contra Shear Technology offers bersonInLine+ medium pressure UV disinfection system

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The bersonInLine+ medium pressure UV disinfection system is available in Australia through Contra Shear Technology .

Designed specifically for drinking water and wastewater disinfection, the bersonInLine+ combines the low maintenance, high efficiency and small footprint of the original bersonInLine system with enhanced performance, features and controls.

Designed using computational fluid dynamics modelling, the performance efficiency of the bersonInLine+ has been fully optimised.

Independent bioassay validation confirms that the improved hydraulics deliver advanced disinfection performance with less energy. This level of efficiency lowers both system capital and operating costs.

Independent microbiological studies have also shown that the closed-pipe design of Berson medium pressure UV systems eliminates the possibility of photoreactivation, a biological phenomenon that allows microorganisms such as E. coli to repair their DNA.

It is suspected that photoreactivation can take place after exposure to UV from low pressure lamps, especially in open-channel systems.

Disinfection efficiency is further ensured by the system’s UV monitor, which has been modified to measure system performance with improved reliability while requiring less frequent factory calibration.

The bersonInLine+ features Berson's new UVtronic control system, which is simple to use and records operational data for record keeping and analysis.

Fault alarms also aid in diagnosis of performance problems. In addition, the controls allow for remote diagnostics to be performed on the system by Berson technicians at their headquarters in the Netherlands, resulting in minimal service interruption and lower service costs.

The UV system's automatic cleaning system has also been improved, reducing maintenance while increasing performance reliability.

For wastewater effluents with high levels of fouling constituents chemically-assisted cleaning can be used to remove difficult deposits on both the quartz sleeves and UV monitor probe.

Like all Berson's closed-pipe, medium pressure UV systems, the compact design of the bersonInLine+ reduce installation space requirements.

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