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Biogas Energy Recovery from Wastewater Treatment Systems by CST Wastewater Solutions

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Wastewater treatment systems from CST Wastewater Solutions designed for the food and beverage industry help recover biogas energy from wastewater while reducing the carbon footprint.

CST Wastewater Solutions has partnered with Global Water Engineering (GWE) to show Australian food and beverage industries how to produce biogas from wastewater, enhancing energy recovery while lowering their environmental impact.  

The environmental engineering specialists have designed and developed extended wastewater treatment systems for the purpose, and are installing an energy recovery wastewater treatment facility at Pacific Beverages’ new Bluetongue brewery being completed in New South Wales this year.  

These extended wastewater treatment systems employ anaerobic technology that produces 10 per cent less sludge than aerobic systems. Incorporating the system into the $120 million state-of-the-art facility will ensure the brewery will boast strict environmental standards along with world-class water and energy savings.  

The anaerobic wastewater treatment systems employ best-practice water reuse standards, while providing renewable energy to reduce the facility’s dependence on fossil fuels.  

Wastewater will pass several pre-treatment steps before entering a GWE ANUBIX-B anaerobic methane reactor in which the wastewater’s organic content (COD) is digested by bacteria in a closed reactor, degrading the compounds and converting them into valuable biogas and cleaned effluent.  

Biogas from the process will be collected and reused as renewable energy to power the brewery’s boiler.  

Treated effluent will then continue to an aerobic post-treatment stage in which organic content is further reduced by GWE’s proprietary MEMBROX Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) system.  

The water polishing stage sends the water from the MBR unit through a Reverse Osmosis (RO) installation. Finally the effluent is led to a disinfection and storage unit, while the recycled water is kept for reuse applications.

GWE and CST Wastewater Solutions have been serving the Australasia and Asia-Pacific regions for over 20 years, powerfully complemented by global leadership in food and beverage technologies.

GWE is one of the market leaders for anaerobic wastewater treatment and transition of biosolids into green energy with more than 300 successfully completed projects in more than 50 countries.

CST Wastewater Solutions has been serving the industrial and municipal wastewater markets for over 20 years.

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