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Berson UV systems from Contra-Shear Technology

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Berson UV systems specifically designed for removing ozone and endotoxins from process water are now available in Australia through Contra-Shear Technology .

Ozone is widely used for disinfection in many process industries. Because of Ozone’s properties, however, it is poisonous and can also damage delicate process equipment like reverse osmosis membranes and deionisation resin units. Ozone, therefore, needs to be removed once it has performed its disinfection function.

Endotoxins, which are present in the cell walls of Gram-negative bacteria, pose a potential health hazard and must also be removed from process water, especially in high purity applications like pharmaceutical manufacturing and food processing.

A proven and increasingly popular method of ozone and endotoxin removal is UV technology. Between the wavelengths 200 - 300nm, with a peak at 260nm, ozone absorbs UV and is quickly broken down into harmless compounds. Endotoxins absorb UV at the shorter wavelengths below 240nm and are also quickly destroyed.

There are two types of UV lamp technology: low-pressure (UV output at 254nm) and medium-pressure (output between 200 – 400nm). Both of the types are suitable for ozone destruction, with field trials showing that they can reduce ozone from concentrations as high as 90 ppm down to below 0.1 ppm. Only medium-pressure lamps, however, can be used to destroy endotoxins, due to their output below 240nm. Berson manufactures both lamp technologies, either in separate or combined systems.

A useful additional benefit of medium pressure UV technology is the inactivation of microorganisms in process water. Microbial DNA is fatally damaged by UV between 260 - 270nm, which means operators of process plants effectively get three positive outcomes from a single Berson UV system: ozone removal, endotoxin destruction and microbial inactivation.

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