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BOOM partnerships make packaged green energy solutions more affordable for businesses

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CST Wastewater Solutions is partnering with companies to help them more easily afford sustainable and cost-efficient green energy solutions for their individual site’s needs.

Representing Global Water Engineering’s anaerobic waste water and green energy solutions in Australia, CST Wastewater Solutions is joining up with national energy groups and global electricity generator suppliers to tailor Build, Own, Operate and Maintain (BOOM) partnerships. BOOM solutions allow the client to concentrate on their core business while opening the door to proven environmental and financial benefits that provide a permanent competitive edge.

These partnerships package finance, machinery and operational expertise over agreed terms to enhance the long-term affordability of green energy projects, including those that extract biogas (CH4) from waste water streams while simultaneously cleaning waste water to some of the highest global discharge standards.

The anaerobic wastewater biogas technologies extract methane to generate green electricity or to fuel boilers and other factory equipment, and are particularly applicable to food, beverage and agribusiness companies, or any industry that has a biological waste stream or wastewater with high organic carbon or COD of natural origin that can be broken down into biogas by anaerobic bacteria. 

CST Wastewater Solutions Managing Director Mr Michael Bambridge explains that the BOOM scheme ensures the client doesn't have to worry about the details or project risk, since they're provided with an end-to-end service, which is highly transparent in terms of pricing and service. Companies entering into such a partnership also get a really thorough review performed on their current energy efficiency and billing structure. 

GWE anaerobic technologies have been implemented at more than 300 sites worldwide, including more than 70 that generate biogas to replace fossil fuels in boilers and processing plants or to sell back to the electricity grid.

GWE anaerobic technology has been installed at the Bluetongue brewery in NSW, for example, and in a Corn Products International plant in Thailand, which produces up to 70,000 Nm³ a day of biogas. Such installations typically pay for themselves within two years or less.

BOOM schemes remove operational and financial risk of biogas plants from companies interested in the financial and environmental benefits of the technology but who may not have experience in this area.

According to Mr Bambridge, the competitively packaged solution offers the combined experience and expertise of market leaders in their respective fields to the benefit of clients who have statutory need to treat waste water to high standards and have the profit potential to use biogas in cogeneration facilities.

The GWE technology deployed in Australasia by CST Wastewater solutions is proven at more than 300 food, beverage, agro industry and processing plants in more than 60 countries including Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia, China, Europe (including Eastern Europe) and Russia. 

Users of GWE technology include companies such as Budweiser, Chang, Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Corn Products Int’l, Danone, Fosters, Heineken, Interbrew, Kraft, National Starch & Chemicals, Nestlé, Pepsi Cola, SAB-Miller, San Miguel, Singha, Sunkist, Tsingtao and many more.

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