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Anthem chooses Berson UV systems

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UV treated wastewater is being used to irrigate two golf courses in the town of Anthem in Arizona, USA. Founded less than 10 years ago, Anthem, a town just north of Phoenix, now has a population of over 40,000.

As part of its rapid expansion the town recently installed Berson UV disinfection technology to ensure its water and wastewater is as clean as possible.

The closed chamber, medium pressure UV systems allow the town to not only meet increased demands in its water and wastewater treatment capacity, but also to exceed the output quality standards.

Two local golf courses are currently using a combination of UV treated wastewater and fresh river water for irrigation. With the increase in population, it is expected that the courses will soon be using wastewater exclusively.

According to Anthem, it has two treatment plants, one for drinking water and one for wastewater.

The drinking water is treated by three PMD systems, handling a combined flow of over 26 million litres per day, while the wastewater is treated by three InLine systems handling a combined flow of over 11 million litres per day.

Both the water and wastewater systems work in conjunction with microfiltration, while the wastewater plant also uses nitrification/denitrification.

Anthem chose the Berson UV systems as they exceed local water and wastewater quality standards.

By reducing its dependence on chlorination, the water treatment units also allow Anthem to minimise the output of chlorination by-products like Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM), while the wastewater systems are optimised to meet the upcoming Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) permit program.

Maintenance on the system is minimal, with periodic replacement of the UV lamps carried out easily by on-site staff.

An automatic cleaning mechanism keeps lamp sleeves free of organic deposits for consistent UV dosing. Each chamber is also fitted with UV monitors to measure actual UV dose for record keeping.

With the addition of an optional online transmittance monitor, real time transmittance values are used to automatically adjust the dose pacing of the UV system.

Wastewater reuse is now a major issue in regions such as south-western USA, southern Europe, Australia and central Asia, where large areas experience chronic water shortages.

The problem is becoming more acute with rapid population growth, particularly in urban areas.

Based in the Netherlands, Berson UV is a world leader in UV technology for a wide range of applications, including drinking-, process- and waste-water treatment, dechlorination, ozone removal and TOC reduction.

The company has over 30 years’ experience in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of UV systems worldwide.

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