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Research cluster launched to seek sustainable hydrogen economy

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A $10.6 million research cluster aimed at leading Australia nearer to a sustainable hydrogen economy will be launched at CSIRO's energy centre in Newcastle. 
The cluster is part of the of the $97 million flagship collaboration fund, which in turn is part of the larger federal initiative, backing Australia's ability 2 - building our future through science and innovation.

Backing Australia's ability was announced by the Prime Minister last year when the CSIRO-initiated national research flagships received $305 million in funding.

The flagship collaboration fund cluster funding is designed to facilitate the involvement of the wider Australian research community in addressing the critical national challenges targeted by the flagships.

As part of the $305 million funding over seven years provided by the Government to the national research flagships, $97 million was specifically allocated to further enhance collaboration between CSIRO, Australian universities and other publicly funded research agencies.

The flagship collaboration fund enables the skills of the wider Australian research community to be applied to the major national challenges targeted by CSIRO's Flagship Initiative.

Australia has internationally recognised experts in hydrogen generation, solid-state storage and utilisation (fuel cell) technology. This research cluster will assemble the highly significant Australian expertise into a coherent, focused effort.

The research, coordinated through the energy transformed flagship, aims to develop new materials that improve the efficiency and economics of hydrogen generation, storage and end use.

Led by hydrogen materials specialist Dr Andrew Dicks of the University of Queensland, the cluster includes a total of 12 participating Universities and PFRAs as follows:

University of Queensland-Lead University, Griffith University, Australian National University, Curtin University of Technology, Monash University, Newcastle University, Queensland University of Technology, RMIT, the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney and the University of Wollongong, ANSTO

The cluster will be officially launched by CSIRO's deputy chief executive, Dr Ron Sandland and Professor Stephen Walker of the University of Queensland, 10 am, CSIRO energy centre, Newcastle, NSW.


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