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CSF Robotics develops new 7 axis robotic machining system

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Automation and robotics specialist CSF Robotics has developed a unique 7-axis robotic machining system featuring a multi axis compliant head for machining and finishing of heavy industrial butterfly valve gates.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of one of their international customers in Thailand, the robotic machining system met key design objectives including reducing processing time and increasing product output, maintaining product tolerances to ensure high standard of quality, and lowering the operator’s risk of injury from long overdrawn processing time and physical handling of the dangerously heavy products.

Prior to the robotic machining system developed by CSF Robotics, the Thailand based customer, which was part of a large German manufacturing group, was grinding and finishing these products by hand taking as long as 5½ hours to complete just one valve. Following the installation of the special robotic machining cell in production, processing time has been reduced to just 45 minutes.

CSF’s robotic cell has an automatic tool change system that can house many tools for a variety of machining and finishing processes, enabling optimum process time. An automatic pad changing system in the cell allows fast replacement of consumable materials such as sanding and linishing pads.

CSF Robotics’ automated robotic systems are designed to machine, linish and finish the edges or faces of the product in an efficient and safe way to ensure high standards of precision and uniformity.

CSF Robotics developed a vertical type chuck system in the style of a vertical borer to rotate the part so as to tend to it like a lathe, but using the robot to machine like a milling machine. This feature allows precision finishing of products ranging from 300mm in diameter to over 1,000mm in diameter. A special purpose rotator can also be changed out for fixed tables for clamped products in jigs or even vacuum tables.

This advancement in machining opens up opportunities for a multitude of uses from post machining after welding to remove excess expulsion or even weld beads, to the bevelling of products for weld preparation or even 3D machining in areas that a conventional CNC cannot do.

CSF Robotics’ 7-axis robotic machining system can handle a multitude of materials from stainless steel, super duplex and marine bronze to process timbers or even plastics.

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