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CSF Robotics is dedicated to bringing innovation through robotic engineering to the manufacturing industry. CSF specialize in automation and robotic integration and have implemented these in every aspect of automation to achieve diverse turn-key solutions. From the basic jobs to the most complex requirements, CSF work closely with top robot manufacturers to ensure we are at the forefront of available technology. Our partnerships with other leading ... + View more


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05/03/14 - Automation and robotics specialist CSF Robotics has developed a unique 7-axis robotic machining system.
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12/02/10 - Complete Surface Finishing provide robotic welding machines and joining procedures to suit any manufacturing process.
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08/05/09 - Automated polishing, available from Complete Surface Finishing, is used in a variety of industries including aerospace, marine, automotive, household, plastics, trucking, plumbing and defence. Complet

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