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Factory Window application developed by CSE Technology

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Communication tool and Factory Window developed by CSE Technology facilitates communication between a wide range of systems that are used in manufacturing and industrial plants. CSE Technology’s Factory Window links software applications running under Microsoft Windows with the equipment on the factory floor. The company management can integrate their monitoring, analysis and management applications with data from the factory using Factory Window offered by CSE Technology.

Plant management, supervisors and foremen use CSE Technology’s Factory Window for achieving high performance and efficient operation of a factory. The wide range of applications of Factory Window developed by CSE Technology includes on-line spreadsheets showing production details, process variables or downtime, live databases for production trends and historical data, real-time update of warehouse and inventory databases, CNC machine scheduling and program management, recipe and product configuration management and quality control.Various types of physical interfaces connect factory devices and local area networks including Ethernet and Token Ring Local Area Networks using TCP/IP, Novell IPX/SPX or NETBIOS protocols, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 or current loop based proprietary protocols and Network based proprietary protocols. These protocols use a proprietary ISA Bus interface card supplied by the control system vendor. These interfaces are supported by CSE Technology’s Factory Window.

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