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Low Power remote terminal units from RTUnet

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RTUnet  offers low power remote terminal units with maximum performance for low power installations. LP-1 Low Power remote terminal unit is a powerful solution for low power monitoring, data logging and control applications. LP-1 low power remote terminal units are ideal for high technology communications and supervisory control and data acquisition SCADA.

RTUnet offers OEM products solutions that help to move the product fast in the market. OEM product solutions could be private labelling of existing products or completely new products which includes firmware, design, software, manuals, manufacture and marketing. OEM systems also communicate over GPRS, GSM, CDMA, fibre optic, spread spectrum, CDMA, satellite and Ethernet.

RTUnet offers kingfisher range of wireless I/O which enables to remote control and monitor any device effectively. Wireless I/O is fitted with spread spectrum technology. It can be used as stand alone mode and allows functioning as a fine stand alone controller. RTUnet offers extensive range of products which adheres to the quality standards and specifications

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