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Kingfisher remote terminal unit from RTUnet

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RTUnet  offers a wide range of remote terminal units. RTUnet offers kingfisher plus+ RTU which consists of the following addition features like 32 megabytes of expanded memory for high event log data, ISaGRAF IEC-61131-35 programming language, IEC-61499 distributed processing, high speed scanning of signals, ladder logic programming ideal for control applications, simultaneous operation of multiple communication circuits, powerful analog processing that are capable of including PIDS, event and polled operation, more than 70 communication protocols which includes Modbus, Kingfisher, Allen Bradley DF1, DNP3 and Omron, on-line and remote configuration, self configuring modules startup, diagnostic tools and powerful configuration in PC based software toolbox.

Kingfisher remote terminal unit from RTUnet is used to connect extensive range of media which includes satellite, packet radio, dedicated radio, license-free spread spectrum 900MHz, PSTN dial-up, two and four wire leased lines, ISDN, GAM, void grade and dedicated cellular data, pager protocols, fibre optics, Ethernet copper and fibre, SMS mobile phone messaging, GPRS general packet radio service etc.

Kingfisher plus and individual modules can be assembled in any configuration which results in the perfect solution. Backplanes can be daisy chained that expand and has communication port capacity.

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