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Lighting, controls, cable glands, new products variety from CSE.Ex

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CSE.Ex  is involved in manufacturing as well as certification of products for use in electrical hazardous location. CSE.Ex has continued to be the leaders in implementation of these changes. CSE.Ex concentrates sixty percent in manufacturing products based on industry requirements. CSE controls all manufacturing in house with the only outsourcing on raw materials. CSE.Ex has entered into an agreement with R Stahl of Germany in order to offer complete product range to customers in terms of supplying specialized components for local assembly in Australia.

CSE.Ex offers products such as lighting, custom built specifications, controls, cable glands and new products. The lighting variety from CSE.Ex comprise of exit luminaries, well glass luminaries, visual alarms, street lights and floodlight luminaries. The custom built specification provides variety such as switch and control gears, junction box and enclosures, socket outlets and accessories.

The cable gland variety from CSE.Ex encompasses A2 Series Glands, A2F Series Glands, A4e Series Glands, A2FRC Series Glands, A2P Series Glands, A2RC Series Glands, CWAL Series Glands,A2Pe Series Glands, A4 Series Glands, BWL Series Glands, CW Series Glands, BW Series Glands, C2K Series Glands and so on. The new product variety from CSE.Ex encompasses Cordless Zone 0, 1, 2 Cap or Hand Lamp IECEx approved Rev1, Industrial Lighting, Lighting Technical Data, Titan II VL147 HID Ex de Zone 1 up to 150w HPS etc.

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