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The OurIntranet functional modules developed by CRUSE Partnership

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The OurIntranet, developed by CRUSE Partnership comprises a series of functional modules including Filing Cabinet for flexible information and record keeping, Management System for company procedures and systems, Communication Portal for news, links and contacts, Incidents and Improvements module, Risk Manager for identifying, assessing and controlling risks; these functional modules are designed to meet key business needs.

CRUSE Partnership also includes some new modules regularly and the users or the company can configure their system to display only the preferred modules.

CRUSE Partnership’s OurIntranet facilitates creating an unlimited number of usernames and passwords, each assigned with a configurable level of access. The user can have full control to modify and update the branding at any time through the easy to use control panel available with the OurIntranet offered by CRUSE Partnership.

The OurIntranet provides hosting on a dedicated, high performance web server. The employees of the company using OurIntranet can get straightforward access to the company with a simple internet connection, web browser and their login details. The company’s systems can be accessed from anywhere- on the road, at a client site or in the hotel.

There is no messy VPN, Remote Desktop or other time consuming and slow access while using CRUSE Partnership’s OurIntranet. The client company, using OurIntranet available from CRUSE Partnership, can provide its clients access to a shared record folder where the information such as agreed contract variations, investigations of incidents or non-conformances, or inspection or audit results are saved.

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