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Trefolex cutting fluids now available from CRC Industries

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CRC Industries are Australian stockists of Trefolex cutting fluids, including Trefolex Cutting Compound, HD and AL Cutting Fluid, and CDT Cutting Oil.

Trefolex Cutting Compound is a green coloured, active cutting compound containing a colloid. As frictional heat is generated, Treoflex Cutting Compound melts slowly and maintains an efficient lubrication throughout operations such as hack sawing, pipe screwing, and tapping.

Suitable for all hand tools, Trefolex Cutting Compound will not corrode steel or affect aluminium and is ideal for use with stainless steel. It will also prolong the life of tools.

Trefolex HD Cutting Fluid is a heavy duty, thick cutting fluid that sticks to the cutting tool throughout the operation. Considered to be environmentally safe, this cutting fluid is ideal for tapping and drilling stainless steel, carbon steel, inconel, monel, hastelloy, titanium, aluminium and other alloys and exotics.

Trefolex AL Cutting Fluid is a solvent based cutting fluid designed to provide optimal lubricity and cooling in cutting aluminium and its alloys. This cutting fluid evaporates quickly, leaves little residue, and provides an excellent finish.

Finally, Trefolex CDT Cutting Oil is a cutting, drilling and thread cutting lubricant for use on all types of metals. The additives in this cutting oil create a strong film that can withstand extreme pressure to increase tool life and improve cutting. Trefolex Cutting Oil is ideal for the critical machining of non-ferrous metals for all operations in Machinability Group 2.

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