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NF Contact Cleaner is a non flammable, high purity precision cleaning solvent with no flashpoint. This revolutionary aerosol cleaning spray is chemically stable and evaporates rapidly.

Non flammable electronic cleaning solvent
The NF Contact Cleaner is the ideal non-flammable electric cleaning solvent as it is chemically stable and evaporates rapidly. Other key features include:

  • Non conductive, high purity formula
  • No flash point and leaves no residue
  • Ideal for grease removal, oil removal, dirt removal, fluxes and other contaminants
  • This precision electronic cleaning product is chemically stable, non conductive and non corrosive
  • It does not contain CFC 113 or Methyl Chloroform
Instantly remove dirt and grime
NF Contact Cleaner leaves no residue and is effective in removing grease, oil, dirt, flux and other contaminants.

Ideal for cleaning a wide range of machines and surfaces
The NF Contact Cleaner is ideal for cleaning the following items:
  • Relays, switches and circuit breakers
  • Alarm and signal systems
  • Connectors and generators
  • Laboratory and test equipment 
  • Motor and motor controls
  • Terminals, plugs and jacks

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