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Medical equipment and audio visual products from CR Kennedy

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CR Kennedy  provides a wide range of medical equipment and audio visual products. The medical equipment from 'Hitachi’, '‘Medivators’,  ‘Pentax’,  ‘Symbionix’,  ‘Microline Pentax’ and  ‘KayPENTAX’ are available at CR Kennedy. ‘Medivators’ reprocessors are automated units and are suitable for flexible endoscopes. These medical equipment are ideal for general surgery, urology, ob-gyn and laparoscopy.

Various audio visual products such as data projectors, micro cameras, zoom cameras and visual presenters from CR Kennedy provide high resolution and clarity. These micro cameras are compact, lightweight and are widely used by many industries.

Audio visual products are supplied by Elmo Company, which is a distributor of CR Kennedy. The projectors and movie cameras have the capacity to perform efficiently even for distant objects. These audio visual products are designed on recent technologies and trends.

Various survey equipment are provided by CR Kennedy including laser distance meters, laser scanning equipment, laser and construction equipment, machine automation controls and many more.

A wide variety of trimmers, excavators, pavers and graders are also supplied under machine automation controls. Various kinds of laser distance meters offered by CR Kennedy are fitted properly in hand due to their rubber grip and ergonomic design.

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