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Pressure and electronic instrument calibration by CQ Calibration Services

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CQ Calibration Services  undertakes calibration for a wide range of pressure monitoring devices. Some of the pressure instruments calibrated are test gauges, digital pressure meters and pressure gauges of several types. Pressure transmitters and pressure relief valves are also calibrated by CQ Calibration Services.

The other main pressure instrument calibrated by CQ Calibration Services is the digital calibrator instrument for pressure measuring devices. Electronic calibration is undertaken by CQ Calibration Services for instruments of varying applications such as the Elcometer345B, Autoclave and Autoclave 3, sound level meters, tachometers, light meters and capable height meters.

Calibrators for which CQ Calibration Services undertakes calibration include the Dry Block temperature calibrator, Hart temperature calibrator and the Fluke current-loop calibrator. Other measurement instrument such as Lutron air velocity monitors, humidity meters and anemometers are also calibrated. CQ Calibration Services undertakes calibration for infrared RTD thermocouples and power supplies, pressure sterilisers and ultrasonic thickness testers as well.

The mechanical instruments calibrated by CQ Calibration Services include micrometers, dial gauges, torque and lineal equipment. The various types of micrometers calibrated include depth micrometers, internal and external digital micrometers, multi-anvil micrometers, setting rods and internal micrometers.

Using a vernier test bench, CQ Calibration Services conducts calibration of dial gauges. The common dial gauges tested and calibrated are bore gauges, long range dial gauges, dial and electronic indicators, dial indicator vernier calipers, dial calipers, digimatic calipers and dial test indicators.

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