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New CPR electrical control box for monitoring safety switches on machine guards
14.11.2012 - CPR SafeInd presents a new range of electrical control boxes suitable for monitoring safety switches used with safety guarding on industrial machinery.
CPR SafeInd to distribute Tecno range of workshop machinery safety guards
13.11.2012 - CPR SafeInd has been appointed sole Australian and New Zealand agents for the Italian Tecno range of workshop machinery safety guards.
WorkSafe Victoria targets dangerous machines: What can you do to ensure employees are protected?
17.08.2012 - WorkSafe Victoria has embarked on a 12 month campaign targeting dangerous machines in the workplace, so here Ferret.com.au provides some tips on ensuring workers are protected
CPR SafeInd appointed Australian distributor for Tecno safety guards
16.01.2012 - CPR SafeInd has been appointed the Australian agents and distributors for Tecno safety guards manufactured by the Italian company, TecnoPiu.
The SafeInd Swing- Away Milling Machine Guards from CPR SafeInd
21.09.2011 - CPR SafeInd presents the SafeInd Swing-Away Milling Machine Guards with maximum protection for operators in machining processes.
Light radial drilling machine guards available now from CPR SafeInd
30.06.2011 - Available now from CPR SafeInd, light radial drilling machine guards are both a production and safety solution that can be installed on any machine.
Cleervue grinding machine safety guards supplied by CPR SafeInd
19.05.2011 - Now available from CPR SafeInd, Cleervue grinding machine safety guards feature clear 5mm abrasive resistant polycarbonate vision panels to ensure optimal user safety.
CPR Safe - Ind specialises in custom building safety guardings
15.10.2010 - CPR Safe - Ind specialises in custom building safety guardings using both aluminium and stainless steel modular building systems.
Securvue Lathe Chuckguards from CPR SafeInd
14.10.2010 - The Securvue Lathe Chuckguards from CPR SafeInd provide operator protection against accidental machine contact and work-piece ejection.
Saddle Mounted Traversing Latheguards available from CPR SafeInd
13.10.2010 - Saddle Mounted Traversing Latheguards, one of many CPR SafeInd ‘s user friendly safety guarding solutions.
SOS-Turbo electronic flares from CPR SafeInd
12.10.2010 - The SOS-Turbo from CPR SafeInd are electronic flares that replace the dangerous incendiary road flares.
Static lathe guards available from CPR SafeInd
19.07.2010 - Available from CPR SafeInd, static lathe guards are available in three different models that have a robust aluminium diecast frame with polycarbonate vision panels
CPR SafeInd exhibit their lathe chuck safety guards at Safety in Action
20.04.2010 - CPR SafeInd, specialists in the supply and manufacture of safety guarding for industrial and workshop machinery, are currently exhibiting their lathe chuck safety guards
Horizon extraction and air filtration equipment available from CPR SafeInd
16.10.2009 - CPR Safe - Ind are pleased to announce that they have been appointed as sole Australian importer and distributor of Horizon dust and fume extraction equipment that is manufactured in the UK.
Optiguard shields by CPR
01.08.2009 - The OPTIGUARD range of Magnetic Safety Shields are vital aids to production and although developed for centre lathes, on which frequent set-ups are the rule, any of the series can be used on all other
Enclosure Millguards from CPR
31.07.2009 - The ENCLOSURE MILLGUARD Model EM/1, EM/3, and EM3/T have been specifically designed to promote efficient and confident machine operation; to enclose dangerous milling cutters and restrict flying swarf
SSP Universal Sliding Millguards from CPR
30.07.2009 - A recent addition to the CLEERVUE product range is the SSP UNIVERSAL MILLING MACHINE GUARD. This enclosure type table guard has twin sliding 5mm polycarbonate windows fitted with electrical interlocks
Max-a-just vertical milling machine guards from CPR Safe-ind
29.07.2009 - The MAX-A-JUST is made up of two half assemblies, each of a composite construction of nylon coated steel members carrying polycarbonate extension visors that can be adjusted in both vertical and horiz
Drillguard Model MT/RB from CPR Ind
28.07.2009 - The outstanding feature of Model MT/RB drillguard is that it is fitted as standard with a clip type top fitting pre-bored to 88mm x 50mm.
Securvue Drillchuckguard from CPR Safe - Ind
28.07.2009 - Designed to suit most drilling machines, the Securvue Drillchuckguard is manufactured from sheet steel with a clear 4mm adjustable polycarbonate visor.
Pedestal and bench drilling machine guards
27.07.2009 - Model BT drilling machine guard is made from injection moulded high impact polycarbonate which offers clear and safe vision through body and visor.
Light radial drilling machine guards from CPR Safe - Ind
27.07.2009 - These drilling machine guards are a solution to the needs of both production and safety. A variety of fittings enable the drilling machine guards to be installed on any machine.
New belt safety guard from CPR Safe - Ind
31.07.2007 - CPR Safe-Ind has developed a practical belt safety guard to suit the popular Hercus Model A,B & C lathes with the regular overhead belt drive system.
Lathe leadscrew and feedshaft guards
06.06.2006 - THE guarding of the rotating leadscrew and feedshaft on metal turning manual lathes is often a difficult problem, however in most cases this can be solved by a so called "roller guard".
Drilling machine guards
01.06.2006 - UK-based Cleervue, represented in Australia by CPR Safe, has released a new range of drilling machine safety guards. The guards are of aluminium extrusion construction in different lengths and numbers of sliding concertina sections.
Workshop machinery safety guards
01.07.2004 - UK machinery safety guarding company Cleervue has expanded its range of generic safety guards to include most workshop machinery. Cleervue has manufactured machinery guarding for more than 15 years and recently increased its range to include lathe le
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