CPE Systems

CPE Systems delivers innovative test and measurement solutions to industry. From audio-visual systems that allow scientists to observe the behavior of seals in the wild, to in-field diagnostic testing of Defence communications systems, CPE designs custom technology to satisfy your needs.

Our systems combine cutting-edge, off-the-shelf measurement equipment with customised hardware and software, ensuring seamless integration with your existing ... + View more


Supplier news
26/03/08 - CPE Systems, established in 1994, provides hardware and software solutions to the military, defence, manufacturing, research, industrial control, mining and education sectors, CPE Systems focuses on the development and manufacture of test and measure

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20A Haper St
VIC 3067
Tel: 03 9419 1499
Fax: 03 9419 1411

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Custom Built Altora National Instruments National Instruments Altora

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