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CNC Motion Systems develops Mechatronic Optical Sensor

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CNC Motion Systems has developed a low cost efficient inline infrared sensor that will give real time diameter measurement throughout daily production schedules for anyone manufacturing extruded products.

The Mechatronic Optical Sensor is designed to run continuously, providing information, which allows immediate process adjustments, so the end product conforms to the manufacturer’s quality assessments.

The information gained will reduce material loss (scrap) through inconsistent manufacturing, thereby providing a much higher yield. Products that do not conform (i.e. oversize and undersized) are reduced to a minimum, saving labour material handling costs, allowing a much greater efficiency in manufacturing and servicing.

The Measurement Control System is contained in a steel housing, conforming to IEC 297, with dual processors running in parallel at 20 Mhz.

The large 58.4mm 7 segment display allows monitoring of the sensor from a significant distance away, and together with a blue strobe alarm that is activated by programmable upper and lower limits, allows the operator to perform other tasks away from the sensor at the same time.

Data logging is also available simply by interfacing a computer to the sensor. This information then may be viewed in real time, graphed and analysed by the manufacturer on every shift creating an even better understanding of the line operation on a daily basis. This now provides an important diagnostic tool for the manufacturer.

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