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Siemens drives SINAMICS S120 available from CNC Design

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SINAMICS S120, available from CNC Design , has numerous components and functions that are harmonised and coordinated with one another. Siemens drives SINAMICS S120 offers high-performance single-motor drives and coordinated drives (multi-axis applications) with vector functionality for the highest torque accuracy or servo functionality for higher dynamic performance. Siemens drives SINAMICS S120 covers the power range from 0.25kW to 4500kW with supply voltages 1-phase 230V, 3-phase 380V to 480V and 3-phase 660V to 690V.

SINAMICS S120 allows power and control performance to be freely combined. Multi-axis drive solutions with higher level motion control can be implemented using the modular SINAMICS S120 drive system, same as solutions involving single-motor drives. This means that the machines can be designed to be fully modular. Siemens drives SINAMICS S120 ensures suitable compatibility between all of the system components without requiring any major engineering costs.

Siemens drives SINAMICS S120 offers increased machine performance in the following sectors:

  • Packaging machines
  • Plastics machines
  • Textile machines
  • Printing machines
  • Paper machines
  • Handling and assembly systems
  • Machine tools
  • Energy Generators

The SINAMICS S120, Siemens drives, hardware and software concept tackles sophisticated drive tasks in industrial applications with a power range extending from 0.12kW to 4500kW and supported line supply voltages 230V, 380V to 480V and 660V to 690V (50/60Hz).

Siemens drives SINAMICS S120 can be used with induction and synchronous motors including torque and linear motors. Siemens drives SINAMICS S120 offers high-performance individual AC/AC drives in the Blocksize and Chassis formats as well as coordinated DC/AC drives for multi-axis applications in the Booksize and chassis formats and cabinet modules.

For SINAMICS S120, the drive is combined together with the control functions in control units (CU), which handle vector and servo control as well as V/f control. For all drive axes, they also handle the speed and torque control as well as additional drive functions.

Siemens drives SINAMICS S120 vector control is recommended for drive solutions involving continuous material webs such as, wire drawing, foil making and paper. Servo control with Siemens drives SINAMICS S120 is used for cyclic processes with precise and fast closed-loop position control using servomotors.

SINAMICS S120 drive systems have extensive safety functions. They allow safety concepts to be simply realised in conformance with the appropriate standards. ‘Safe Torque Off’, ‘Safe Stop 1’ and ‘Safe Brake Control’ are included onboard as basic safety functions. When selected, in a dangerous situation, all three functions disconnect the energy feed to the motor in a safety-relevant fashion.

The extended safety functions ‘Safe Operating Stop’, ‘Safe Stop 2’, ‘Safety-Limited Speed’ and ‘Safe Speed Monitor’ permit the drive to be monitored in operation or when exceptional situations temporarily occur such as, when equipping machines or when service work is being carried out. Service and maintenance work can be performed safely in a user friendly fashion, which reduces machine and plant downtimes.

Every single-axis SINAMICS S120 AC drive is a combination of a power module and a selectable control unit or control unit adapter. An optional filter can also be integrated. If the AC drive is operated as a stand-alone single-axis drive, a Control Unit (e.g. CU310 DP) is added to the power module.

SINAMICS S120 contains the entire control intelligence for the drive, including positioning functions and the field bus interface. For modular machine concepts being implemented in the packaging and woodworking industries, the AC Drive is combined with other SINAMICS S120 units to build an integrated multi-axis drive solution. A CUA31 control unit adapter is added to the power module in order to connect the AC Drive to a central Control Unit (e.g. CU320 or SIMOTION D) through the DRIVE-CLiQ.

SINAMICS S120 AC drives can easily be implemented in conjunction with the motion controller using PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET and the standardised PROFIdrive profile. Solutions to standard positioning tasks in automated assembly machines and handling systems as well as synchronous movements and motion control tasks, especially in the SIMATIC PLC environment can therefore be found using SINAMICS S120 AC drives even without in-depth knowledge of drives.

SINAMICS S120 Booksize, chassis formats and cabinet modules as DC/AC drive units distinguish themselves due to their modular design. All of the drive intelligence is provided in the Control Units (CU), which handle all of the control functions in the drive group. Further, they execute all additional drive functions such as, logically interlocking drive-related I/Os and positioning functions, and have either PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET as central interface to couple to motion controller. SIMOTION D or SINUMERIK 840D sl can be used as special control units for motion control and NC applications.

Line modules centrally feed the energy into the DC link. Line modules with regulated infeed/regenerative feedback can ensure a constant DC link voltage and avoid undesirable harmonics feedback into the line supply, regenerative feedback when braking/generating and for an increased degree of ruggedness with respect to line supply fluctuations.

Motor modules supply motors with power from the DC link. Double-axis modules allow a compact design to be achieved. Drive-related inputs/outputs can be expanded in a scalable fashion using terminal modules.

SINAMICS S120 chassis drive units are available both in air-cooled as well as liquid-cooled versions. The liquid-cooled version is suitable for dusty, salt-laden or aggressive ambient air and represents a cost-saving alternative with low operating costs. It allows hermetically sealed cabinet solutions to be implemented with a footprint that is up to 60%

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