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Siemens 1FT, 1FK, 1FS synchronous servomotors available from CNC Design

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Permanent-magnet synchronous motors are suitable for high-speed and precise motion sequence applications. Synchronous motors have high level of dynamic performance, compact design and maximum energy-efficiency. With a wide range of integrated encoders, from resolvers up to high-resolution absolute encoders, the matching motor can be precisely selected for all applications. An optional holding brake ensures reliable standstill without requiring any power input.

In the version equipped with DRIVE-CLiQ interface and electronic type plate, drive configurations with servomotors and the SINAMICS S120 drive system are commissioned quickly.

1FK7 motors for motion control applications: Non-ventilated servomotors with degree of protection IP64/65 are adequate for many motion control applications. Siemens designed the series of 1FK7 motors specifically for this purpose. CNC Design offer these motors in two different versions as demands regarding dynamic performance, precision and the space available can vary significantly:

  • 1FK7 CT (Compact): Compact design and high power density
  • 1FK7 HD (High Dynamic): Low moment of inertia for a high accelerating performance

The ‘lean’ 1FK7 CT servomotors with their flexible and modular design are compact due to their small dimensions. 1FK7 CT motors offer a high power density in a small space. Short length of the motors means that they are predestined for applications where space is restricted. For instance, the smallest version, with shaft height 28, produces 0.85Nm of torque and comes with an edge to edge length of 55mm.

Compact design and performance ratio of 1FK7 CT motors make them suitable for rated torques from 0.08 to 37Nm. The CT version is available in 6 shaft heights and 18 versions. For the shaft height 20 to 48, 230V version of the normal 400V to 480V motors are available. This results in motion control axes with a high dynamic performance due to the high overload capability of the motors.

The new 1FK7 HD servomotors provide the necessary performance by supplying impressive response. The small rotor diameter means that the 1FK7 HD high dynamic performance motors have a low moment of inertia. This ensures high accelerating performance with high stall torques. The optional holding brake has been designed with a low moment of inertia. Extreme load duty cycles, fast positioning and equally fast stopping can be realised in a short time due to these characteristics.

1FK7 HD servomotors are suitable for use in applications demanding short cycle times – for instance, in packaging machines. The HD version is available in rated torques from 0.9Nm to 8Nm with 4 shaft heights and 11 different versions.

1FT7 permanent-magnet synchronous motors for any environmental conditions: Motion control applications motors of the 1FT6/1FT7 series are permanent-magnet synchronous motors for high-performance motion control applications. Motors are characterised by their high dynamic performance, accuracy, low torque ripple, robust design as well as easy mounting and service-friendliness.

Permanent-magnet synchronous motors have an extended torque range from 0.4Nm to 700Nm and higher degree of overload capability. These synchronous motors handle difficult and tough ambient conditions with the optional IP67 degree of protection. In addition to the standard non-ventilated version, CNC Design also offer variants with forced ventilation or water cooling for a power density that has been increased further. Efficient thermal dissipation is assured under extreme load conditions.

Permanent-magnet synchronous motors are suitable for high-dynamic motion control and positioning applications in production machines and feed drives in machine tools applications. The motors are available with rated speeds from 1500rpm up to 6000rpm, with integrated absolute and incremental encoders, as well as with degrees of protection from IP64 up to IP67.

The 1FT7 series is the optimised successor of the 1FT6 series. The 1FT7 permanent-magnet synchronous motor is now compact, rugged and easy to mount because of its cross profile. With rotatable connectors, the 1FT7 motor can be easily installed in different positions.

1FT7 motors are compatible to 1FT6 motors with regards to flange, connectors and characteristic curves. Due to the shorter design, the motors can be utilised for new applications and also as spares for replacements of 1FT6 motors.

Servomotors for special applications: CNC Design also offer explosion-proof motors across all performance classes, thus ensuring reliable operation and maximum safety for personnel, machinery and the environment in explosive atmospheres.

CNC Design product portfolio of Siemens and Loher form a gap-free range from 60W to 100MW, in a standard version or as a customised solution with all applicable types of protection for gas and dust, and for motion control applications in explosion protection zones such as printing industry and paint shops. This gives the user, optimum motors for use in hazardous zones.1FS6 for use in hazardous Zone 1 and using supplementary option 1FK7 motors for use in hazardous Zone 2 or Zone 22 (according to IEC).

The flexible selection over the complete range of outputs and options allows the motor to be universally used. Customers can select a speed range from 1500rpm to 6000rpm and torques from 0.85Nm to 700Nm.

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