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Rotary encoders, couplings and gearboxes from CNC Design

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CNC Design  offers gearboxes that have been developed to enable direct attachment to synchronous servomotors. The gearboxes come with a balanced system with efficient lubrication which makes it ideal for application in dynamic requirements such as general production machines and machine tools. The planetary gearboxes such as alpha gearbox and dynabox can be fitted with Siemens 1FK7 and 1FK6 synchronous servomotors to produce better results.

CNC Design offers backlash free couplings that have been designed s a solution to the dynamic applications involving varying load profiles and servomotors. CNC Design supplies couplings manufactured by Gerwah, which includes servo-insert couplings and metal bellow couplings.

CNC Design offers Siemens rotary encoders, which are devices used to measure velocity of machine moving parts, angle and speed of machine moving parts and to sense its position as well. This design is widely used in production machines and machine tools and other devices where its accuracy is sufficient. The rotary encoders from CNC Design come as an affordable option and are also durable in nature. It comes with an optical system in encoder, which facilitates protection from liquid and dirt.

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