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Güdel range of precision linear guideway and drive technology components available from CNC Design

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The range of precision linear guideway and drive technology components provides high speed, high acceleration and precise positioning of loads from 10kg to several tonnes making them suitable for machine tool, automation and special machine building applications. Güdel linear technology components are suitable for dynamic and accurate positioning systems. They are important linear motion components for high speed, close tolerance, low friction or low noise parts handling applications.

CNC Design  offer a variety of heavy duty plain and grooved rollers and guide ways including:

  • Guideway system for medium duty applications
  • Guideway system for heavy duty applications
  • Linear guideway system monoRoll

Guide rails are supplied in standard lengths, complete with mounting screw holes for simple and effective location. They are also finish-machined to length enabling them to be mounted end to end in continuous runs without modification. Special length rails are also available on request.

All Güdel roller units and guide rails are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards and are available in stainless steel or with a range of protective coatings for trouble-free operation under aggressive manufacturing conditions. In addition, manual or automatic lubrication systems can be supplied to individual customer requirements.

The guideway system for medium duty applications is based on standardised guideway rollers and vee bars. The system is suitable for applications requiring high velocities, low friction, exact positioning and quiet operation. These systems are available in flat as well as vee guide concept.

Suitable for demanding high speed applications with accelerations of up to 70 metre/sec2, roller units are supplied fully hardened and finish ground with a convex Vee face form. This provides single point contact with the guide rail running surfaces in order to minimise frictional losses.

Vee rollers are offered in both standard concentric (FRZ series) and eccentric (FR series) variants with backlash adjustment to ensure precise component location. Sizes range from 42mm to 107mm diameter to suit 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 35mm wide guide rails, and units feature double row angular contact bearings for high radial and axial load carrying capabilities. Rollers also incorporate sealed bearings with a standard operating life of 100,000km.

Güdel's complementary Vee-profile guide rails are manufactured with ground, hardened surfaces and are also available with integral drive racks. These deliver consistent positional accuracy and high performance, combined with long service life and low maintenance making them suitable for special purpose machine and automated manufacturing processes.

Providing assured high accuracy when used in conjunction with Güdel’s purpose-designed aluminium or steel support structure, Vee form guide rails can be supplied either as individual system components, or ready-assembled for rapid integration into turnkey manufacturing solutions. The complete linear guideways and drive systems can be supplied in 5 sizes. Within the same size the elements can be combined and exchanged to meet requirements, which are available in sizes of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 35.

The guideway system for heavy duty applications is based on standardised roller supports with three integrated roller bearings, guideways with and without racks, drive units and tubular steel profiles with guideways. The system is suitable for high axial and radial loads, high moment ratings, high rigidity and quiet operation.

The rollers are manufactured in the PN tolerance class as cylindrical rollers with RSR sealing washer on both sides. All track rollers are supplied with initial greasing for temperature range between -30ºC and +120ºC and with a central lubrication hole (every 1000km).

As complete linear guideways and drive systems this can be supplied in 6 sizes. The sizes are determined by the Diameter of the rollers and its load carrying capacities. Within the same size, the elements can be combined and exchanged to meet requirements, which are available in sizes of 40, 52, 62, 72, 90 and 110.

The new, patent pending monoRoll guideway system features high dynamic, dirt resistant and axial load balancing. This is based on the principal of two prismatic V-guide rollers mounted in a compact roller support that glides along a monorail. These V-guide rollers have integrated pre-loaded double-row angular contact ball bearings which are characterised by high load ratings and extreme stiffness.

One of the two V-guide rollers is firmly mounted in the roller support (for the forces in the direction of the main load), the other, through an eccentric bolt can be set free of play and pre-tensioned on the monorail. Optionally, wiper units and/or lubrication wiper units can be mounted on the roller support.

The modular V-guide roller series consists of two types:

  • Type-F is designed as a thrust bearing and bears loads in 4 directions (radial and axial in the direction of the rail)
  • Type-L is designed as a floating bearing and can bear the same loads as the thrust bearing radial to the rails

The floating mechanism integrated in the roller support, which can move axial to the rail of +/-1.5mm can be balanced out force-free without impairing the dynamics, precision and service life of the guide way system. The benefit is that thermal expansions and/or inaccuracies in the basic construction can be directly compensated by the guideway system (for example, bridges of processing tables or rails directly mounted on blank aluminium beams).

The new linear guideway system monoRoll is suitable as a guideway system for Cartesian process tables on which the actual process only exerts little to no force on the system. Following are some examples for the usage of monoRoll: Cutting processes (flame, plasma, laser, textile, waterjet, glass cutting) and bonding processes (gluing, welding, soldering). monoRoll is suitable for classic rack and pinion drives and belt drives but can also be combined with modern linear motor drives.

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