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Güdel linear module gantry systems available from CNC Design

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CNC Design  modules are based on the components of the Güdel guideway system. These modules are designed for payloads from 10 to 3600kg.

Following are the features of CNC gantry system:

  • The modular design with hardened and ground guideways
  • High-precision racks
  • Low-backlash reducers allow speed up to 10m/s (600m/min) and acceleration up to 20m/s^2
  • Precise repeatability <0.1mm
In addition, CNC Design offer a comprehensive range of accessories, including support legs, component grippers and control systems, to ensure solutions are tailored to precise operational needs. All gantry types can be supplied with a variety of rotary indexing heads to meet specific requirements.

The assigned roller and guideway system ensures quiet running and low sensitivity to environmental cleanliness. The rack and pinion drive system permits dynamic motion with high accuracy.

The gantry system, from CNC Design, enables the flexible positioning of the legs of the gantry beam. This means an advantage in the planning phase, when the exact dimensions of machines and space needed for some processes in the automatic production line can only be determined at the last moment. The legs can be freely positioned within a grid of 100mm. The entire rear side of the beam is threaded and can be fitted with drip trays and cable ducts. The stroke movements can be varied with the free placements of shock absorbers in steps of 100mm. They are mounted in the bore holes on the front side. The beams are available in standard lengths. They are equipped on both sides with exact joining elements, making any desired total length possible. The high precision of the linear motion components of the system enables horizontal axis runs of up to 120m or more as standard. The flexibility of this gantry system also makes retrofitting the production line for new processes economical.

The Güdel linear module gantry, by virtue of its high modularity and its wide range of payloads, lends itself to applications in diverse industries. Following are the main applications for these modules:

  • Gantry-robots in general handling technologies
  • Flexible production cells
  • Logistic and packaging areas
  • Basic modules in cutting-machines, such as plasma, laser, waterjet, flamecut and glass
  • Prototyping with low cutting forces
  • High speed handling operations in food processing or pharmaceutical industries
Close tolerance applications can be found throughout the machine tool, special purpose assembly, automated manufacturing and automotive sectors, while the systems' high load carrying capabilities are typified by their use at foundry, heavy manufacturing or aerospace customers. All Gudel modules are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards and incorporate automatic lubrication of rails, rollers, drive pinions and racks to ensure trouble-free operation and low-maintenance at ambient temperatures down to -20°C. Equipment can also be engineered in a wide range of materials, including aluminium, steel and high performance alloys, with or without special-purpose coatings, to meet specialist applications or for use in high temperature, high humidity, dirty, corrosive or radioactive working environments.

Axis Linear Modules Type EP: Due to its modular and compact structure, the single-axis module type EP is suitable for use as an auxiliary axis in complete systems. Frequently, they are used as a fast and accurate positioning axis. With the broad range of sizes available, EP modules can handle payloads from 10 to 3000kg with accuracy and repeatability for all sizes.

Axis Linear Modules Type ZP: The Type ZP portal gantrie is suitable for straight line machine tending and material handling applications. The ZP module can be used to minimise the floor space of an automated system. These systems can be configured to provide aisle clearance, with the proper safety precautions between its process stations, for the operators and material handling equipment. Often the ZP is also used as complete bridge module on cutting tables such as plasma, laser, waterjet, flamecut and glass.

Axis Linear Modules Type FP: Type FP portal gantries are suitable for applications where large work areas are covered with a high degree of accuracy. It is ideal for complex machine tending or material handling applications with minimised floor space requirements. Applications of the FP module can include multiple process cellular machine tending, and material handling of several conveyance systems. When used in conjunction with a vision system and Rimrock designed tooling, the FP module creates highly flexible manufacturing solutions.

With seven build sizes, a wide range of options and versions are available to make all of the linear modules a product easy to integrate into the system. Each of the systems is pre-assembled and tested with standard features such as:

  • Tubular steel profile with guideways
  • Axis beam end caps
  • High performance worm gear box with pinions
  • Carriage with rollers, wipers and manual lubrication
  • Shock absorber
  • Mounting plates for columns
  • Cable loops with guiding trough
  • Triple camrails with cams
  • Felt pinion lubrication unit
Additionally, users can choose from a wide range of options, which will also be factory assembled and tested, for example:
  • Automatic lubrication for guideway and drive system
  • Legs
  • Mechanical multi limit switch
  • Zero position mark
  • Manual lifting and safety unit
  • Safety brake
  • Control system
  • Rotary axes
  • Gripper unit
  • Multiple carriages
  • H carriage configuration
  • Telescopic vertical axes
  • Vertical divider in cable chain
  • Enclosed energy chain
  • Increase of length of energy chain trough
  • Fill in panels

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