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Güdel Gantry Systems Available from CNC Design

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CNC Design  is the Australian distributor for Güdel gantry systems as well as rack and pinion components.

Güdel gantry systems can expand the horizontal and vertical reach for a diverse range of materials handling requirements, requiring less floor space than floor-mounted robots while offering a high degree of safety and accuracy.

Also known as Cartesian coordinate robots, gantry robots work from an overhead XYZ grid. Gantry systems are available in various sizes and can fit into a compact square or fill an entire warehouse. Güdel has supplied gantries up to 70m long.

Gantry robots are robotic travellers that can cover the entire length and breadth of parts or work areas.

Güdel gantry robots are an ideal solution for materials handling applications because they can move items from one station to another with speed and accuracy. Their travelling abilities simplify any work space because a single gantry robot can perform the work of two to three floor-mounted articulated robots.

Advantages over 6-axis robots

Güdel gantry robots offer maximum flexibility with up to 6 degrees of freedom (3 Cartesian and 3 rotary), requiring a minimum of floor space compared with conventional robots.

The 3-axis or 4-axis gantry systems compete with 6-axis robots that are used in similar applications because they can perform the required functions with lesser number of axes and higher accuracy.

The gantry robot is more compact as well as stiffer and has a longer service life than a 6-axis robot. The rack and pinion drive systems used are suitable for very tough environments.

Workplace safety is also guaranteed with less effort and investment.

The modular gantry solution enables customisation of axes configuration so that the dimensions can be adapted to suit specific applications.

Precision and programming are the other two advantages of gantry systems. Since they work from a grid, gantry robots can be easily programmed to land at precise points.

Güdel industrial robots for automated handling can be used as assembly robots, overhead robots or end-of-line robotic palletising solutions in conjunction with palletising robots or pick-and-place robots.

Key features of Güdel gantry robots

  • 2-6 axes and up to 20 additional external axes
  • 8 standardised gantry sizes with payloads from 25-2500 kg
  • Standardised leg design
  • Location of legs is variable
  • Holding brakes on all motors
  • Rack and pinion drive on all linear axes

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