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AMO Introduces New IP67-Rated LMB-410 Spar Linear Encoders

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The new IP67-rated LMB-410 spar linear encoders from AMO Corporation were recently launched at the IMTS 2010 in Chicago, US.  

Available through Melbourne-based automation and control specialist CNC Design Pty Ltd , the LMB-410 measuring scales come with a stainless steel carrier offering robust measuring/ position feedback with IP67 rating and performance similar to linear optical encoders.  

Operating on an inductive scanning principle, the LMB-410 spar linear encoders are suitable for general purpose machines such as machine tools, medical equipment, printing equipment and military/ aerospace applications.  

Their IP67 rating makes these measuring scales ideal for dirty or contaminated environmental conditions including fluid submersible applications.  

Key features of LMB-410 spar linear encoders

  • Adhesive-free mounting spar with a snap cover eliminates concerns related to spars becoming loose in oily environments
  • Slim stainless steel carrier attached to the machine with screws and an interlocking snap cover secure the scale tape in position
  • Encoder head can be optionally equipped with wipers to automatically clean the scale during operation
  • Encoder head’s gain compensation and auto offset eliminate the need to use a test box during setup
  • Rated for operation in a temperature range of -10ºC to +100ºC for up to 30m measuring length and ±3 μm/m accuracy
  • Meets high-shock, high-speed and vibration specifications

AMOSIN inductive measuring systems

Any non-guided AMOSIN encoder head can be used with any of the LMB-400 or LMB-100 scale mounting version.  

AMOSIN inductive measuring systems are supplied in two principal versions: an open, non-contacting system and a guided, encapsulated system.  

Operating entirely on an inductive basis, all AMOSIN systems achieve high precisions of up to ±3 μm/m and are able to resist environmental influences as well as shock and vibration.  

Inductive scanning with high protection class IP67

The purely inductive scanning allows for high protection class IP67 where the operation of the systems is not affected by contamination and pollutants in the form of dust, smoke or liquids.  

AMOSIN encoders’ low maintenance requirements make them a superior alternative to optical encoders.  

The absence of magnetic components in the inductive scanning system eliminates electromagnetic interference. As a result, AMOSIN encoders have no measurement hysteresis or machine backlash error.

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