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Fume extractors for laser engineering.

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LASER engraving, etching, marking and welding processes commonly generate large volumes of particulate and often noxious gases that often exceed the capabilities of conventional dust/fume extraction units designed for less demanding applications.

BOFA's Advantage range of fume extractors, available from CLC Tech , incorporates larger than normal capacity filters, purpose built to remove the by-products specifically from laser operations while extending filter life.

Most companies see laser fume extraction as a necessary evil, required to protect both the laser optics and the health of their operatives.

With this in mind, BOFA's design philosophy is to supply reliable, safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective systems.

Advantage extraction systems feature:

* Three year warranty. The vacuum pump is the heart of the unit and all BOFA extractors are fitted with continuously rated pumps with a minimum life expectancy of 20,000hrs.

* Safety. A full range of unit and filter monitoring options are available to suit specific requirements (see individual unit data sheets).

Airflow path gives maximum filter life but also ensures that all particulate is held in the filters. The design of the unit is such that the exhausted air is blown into a sealed silencer box.

This totally isolates any potential explosive fumes being blown around electrics of the pump. This is critical even when gas sensors are used as a foolproof precaution.

* Ease of use. Filter change is simply a case of opening the door at the rear of the unit and replacing the used filters with clean ones. Simple controls or alarms, either visual or direct to the laser indicate the need for filter replacement.

Optional extras include 24V stop/start via laser; VOC indicator; dual voltage/frequency; PVC upgrade; system failure signal; and filter condition gauge.

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