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Desolder/surface mount rework station

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article image Weller’s rework station -- microprocessor controlled.

THE Weller desoldering station available from CLC Tech , can be used to rework both surface mount and through hole components.

It has an internal pump to provide the air movement for the hot air pencil and the vacuum for the desoldering tool.

The WMD1S control unit incorporates a microprocessor-controlled system to regulate the solder and desolder processes.

The processor can also identify which tool is being used and calibrate the output automatically without the need for manual adjustment. All of the accessories listed below can be driven from the control unit.

By use of the WCB1 and WCB2 calibrator/programmer, additional functions can be programmed into the base unit such as temperature lock, set back time, temperature offset, °C, °F, and factory setting reset.

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