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Integrate plant floor into supply chain

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CIMNET , a developer of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, advises that the Supply Chain Connector module for its Factelligence MES can dynamically integrate plant floor information into supply chain management and ERP systems using XML.

"Realtime integration of factory information into ERP and supply chain systems is vital to factories moving to a make-to-order strategy," says Ian Stone of CIMNET Australia.

"Knowing your accurate plant capacity and production status at all times are critical if factories are to effectively compete and achieve a rapid time to market."

Factelligence reduces the significant cost of integration of ERP and control systems using its standard XML and OPC capabilities and by managing product definition, quality, processing and packaging in one system.

The user configurable Supply Chain Connector supports XML, direct database connections and file exchange to integrate any information from the Factelligence MES.

Plant level information such as production status, quality results and plant availability can be provided to the ERP, while schedules, BOM and procedures can be electronically presented to plant operators and downloading into process control systems.

Factelligence is a configurable, web-based product that can manage, track and optimise manufacturing facilities. It has twelve MES modules that plug into its core XML data conduit.

Each module provides specific functionality including product specification and labour management, production and material lot tracking, WIP inventory, and machine utilisation management.

A web browser-based manager's digital cockpit, and other user interfaces for operators, supervisors and system administrators, are provided.

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