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CAD/CAM solution for wood-making

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article image TopSolid'Wood provides powerful modeling functions for wood-making.

TOPSOLID'WOOD is an integrated design, manufacturing and management (CAD/CAM/PDM) software program for wood processing.

Available from CIM Solutions , the program is made up of comprehensive standard components and processes specific to the wood industry.

The software offers powerful modelling functions, optimised assembly management and facilitated communication with customers and manufacturing.

The 2D and 3D modelling principles of TopSolid'Wood are based on TopSolid'Design. These two applications offer many powerful wood specific functionalities in addition to the rich modelling core of TopSolid'Design. These trade functions allow the user to create designs while respecting shop floor constraints.

The existence of a 3D design module in TopSolid'WoodCam offers complete associativity between the design study and the manufacturing process.

Any modification made during the design stage is automatically recuperated in the machining stage without having to make time-consuming changes.

In addition, this integration means that all operations carried out in the design stage are automatically recognised in the CAM stage (calibration, grooving, rabetting, drilling, profiling, pocketing).

All tool paths are calculated by taking into account the geometry of the model and the original stock as predefined in TopSolid'Wood.

TopSolid'Wood is currently used by more than 170 customers in France in such domains as interior design, furniture making, point of sale furnishings, outdoor furnishings, furnishings for boats, aircraft, cars, etc.

Features include:

* Design and manufacturing departments use the same data

* Generation of rendered images and exploded views to help the sales department

* Optimised Assembly Management

* Use of components and standard parts

* Data management, which uses TopSolid'PDM and TopManufacturing (Missler Software's ERP system).

Every year TopSolid'Wood is enriched with new functionalities. TopSolid'Wood 2006 will be launched shortly.

The 2006 edition’s new material configurator enables operators to change material and coatings on more than one part at a time and with different selection options.

The speedy definition of a complete panel where all data is recuperated in the BOM will be possible with the new function "Entity Panel".

Two new interfaces will also be added to the module to complete the existing interfaces available - Xilog for SCM machining centres and ProfiCoupe for the optimisation of Homag cutting.

TopSolid'WoodCam 2006 will also offer important evolutions, notably multi-draft machining, which permits the automatic generation of machining documents for all selected assembly parts.

The generation of more than one ISO code at a time is also possible with TopSolid'WoodCam.

TopSolid'WoodCam 2006 will also be enhanced with a complex imbrication module for the machining of a group of parts positioned either manually or automatically in the stock.

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