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Industrial control automation and data collection

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article image CIES’ engineers can programme any industrial device.

CIES has extensive experience in developing PLC and industrial PC based control solutions and their staff are able to implement solutions in all major PLC families.

The company’s control and software engineers are capable of programming any common industrial device including:

* PLCs

* Multi axis synchronised servo controllers

* Closed loop VS drives

* Programmable safety systems

* Ethernet switches

* SCADA and HMIs

* Scara and 6-axis robots.

CIES staff are also familiar with all programming languages used in the IEC61131 Standard including:

* SFCs

* Function blocks

* Structured text and ladder logic.

CIES tailor their control topologies and solutions to meet the individual needs of their clients using Open Standards or proprietary hardware and software packages.

CIES can develop a manufacturing information system that is customised to the specific needs of an organisation. Data acquisition and analysis of a system can improve production efficiency by providing clients with a background insight into their manufacturing operations.

CIES staff seamlessly integrate all propriety Scada platforms into a manufacturing systems.

CIES can also provide solutions that offer web-based access to process data in real time, regardless of the data’s original format or operating system.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is designed to bridge Windows based applications and process control hardware. OPC is fast becoming the standard of choice for system inter-operability, with most new systems including OPC as the external gateway.

CIES can provide the customised development required to bridge the gap from device to device, between the plant floor and the enterprise systems.

CIES has significant experience in the integration of the most complex devices into one clean, front-end interface.

While OPC is the technology of choice, CIES has the skill in-house to integrate most industrial standards and technologies.

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