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CI Agent Solutions supplies Kleen-N-Dry oil absorbents

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Kleen-N-Dry oil absorbents from CI Agent Solutions offer a natural way to control and remediate hydrocarbons from soil or solid surfaces.

Kleen-N-Dry is harmless to plant and animal life, and contains all the natural ingredients necessary to accelerate the indigenous microbes to a point where they will rapidly degradate unwanted hydrocarbons.

These oil absorbents can be efficiently used on land spills, providing a residual dressing on the ground that will encapsulate a spill and prevent it from leaching back into the soil, absorbing up to six times their own weight in oil or oil-based products.

Non-abrasive, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic, Kleen-N-Dry can be used in a range of applications which include on:

  • roadways
  • shop floors
  • in tank storage facilities
  • fueling locations
  • oil production sites; and
  • pipelines.

Effective operating temperatures range from 5 to 50ºC. Kleen-N-Dry meets all OHSA requirements, can be incinerated and may be placed into landfills.

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