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CI Agent is a non toxic, non hazardous, non corrosive, non carcinogenic environmentally friendly petroleum based blend of polymers, used to immobilize petroleum and related petrochemical emergency releases on land and water.


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10/05/12 - CI Agent Solutions now stocks barrier booms for oil spill containment that are designed to allow water to flow during normal rainfall events, but become an impervious barrier in the event of a spill.
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12/10/10 - CI Agent Solutions oil spill cleanup granules feature a long chain molecular structure that is highly cross-linking with organic liquid hydrocarbons, allowing for easy cleanup and removal.
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11/10/10 - Kleen-N-Dry oil absorbents offer a natural way to control and remediate hydrocarbons from soil or solid surfaces, and are now available from CI Agent Solutions.
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08/10/10 - CI Agent Solutions offers an affordable solution for hydrocarbon spill containment applications in sandy subsoil with a range of side-walled polyvinyl blankets.
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