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Remote monitoring and control systems from CHK Gridsense

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CHK Gridsense  is one of the leading companies providing remote monitoring and control systems to industrial facilities and electric utilities. These systems offered by CHK Gridsense is used in a myriad of utility applications that includes power quality monitoring, outage management, capacity planning, trouble shooting, demand response, provide network operators with intelligence to efficient and better grid operations.

CHK Gridsense has more than 30 years of experience and has a range of commercially proven offerings. The success of CHK Gridsense’s offerings is based on the ability to provide quantifiable and identifiable value my minimising the productive losses and inconveniences for the consumers. CHK Gridsense also aims to reduce the cost of identifying and rectifying disturbances and outages on the networks and there by provide requisite information for better capital expenditure decisions.

CHK Gridsense also provides effective demand response and real time capabilities to utilities in order to address the aggregate loads on network. The utility demands for the capabilities are growing due to high increase generation supply constraints and peak loads burdening aging infrastructure. Power quality and reliability of electric distribution system becomes mission-critical for electric utilities due to high demand for reliable and clean competitive forces and power.

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