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Reusable plastic containers

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CHEP has released a foldable, reusable plastic container (RPC). It allows easy storage of fresh produce with space and cost savings in transport and in store.

A strong straight-wall design eliminates bulging and allows for easier handling in the field, packing shed, during transit, or stacking in store whilst protecting produce from potential damage.

Shelf life is increased up to a week by the venting pattern that allows for pre-cooling and better airflow. Produce can be sprayed, rinsed, and washed without being unpacked. The containers reduce product cooling time by up to 50% and eliminate unnecessary product handling.

The containers reduce exposure to bacteria and fungal growth. The dropdown wall allows it to be folded flat after use, reducing freight costs and storage space. It can then be returned to the CHEP service centre for washing.

The interlock feature maximises load stability during transit or warehousing to restrict movement and vibration by allowing product to be cross and column stacked. The containers are designed to minimise any alteration to materials handling equipment and simplify the transition from cartons to RPCs by adhering to the Australian standard pallet footprint.

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