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Intercon cubic containers available from CHEP Asia-Pacific

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article image Intercon cubic containers are suitable for the transporation of dry and liquid food goods

Available from CHEP Asia-Pacific , Intercon cubic containers are a new generation of foldable Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC).

These cubic containers are manufactured from food grade polypropylene that is light and resistant to corrosion, making them ideally suited to the food manufacturing industry. The polypropylene also has increased ultraviolet protection to help withstand the harsh environments that are typical of Australia.

With a 1000 litre capacity, these IBC’s are suitable for transporting dry and liquid products such as bulk juices, oils, mayonnaise, cereal, and meat.

Intercon cubic containers can be easily assembled by one person and are simple to maintain as that liner bad is disposed of. They will also help to save on the cost associated with reverse logistics while increasing payload capacities.

As these cubic containers are returnable and reusable they are more environmentally sustainable as they will not waste vast quantities of packaging materials.

Forklift can access Intercon plastic containers from all four sides, making them easy to handle, while the latching system enables the container to be secured with tamper evident seals.

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