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Innovative beverage trays developed in Australia

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CHEP Asia-Pacific  has developed a breakthrough beverage tray that reduces labour, merchandising costs, product damage and one-way packaging waste in the FMCG sector.

The beverage trays, part of CHEP Australia’s reusable plastics pooling range, is a one-touch solution that can be used to store, transport and display drinks, removing the need for multiple handling of the product.

CHEP Australia Business Development Director, Audrey Riordan says, “We have developed a single beverage tray capable of handling two different bottle types: 1.25-litre carbonated soft drinks and 2-litre juice bottles. This provides greater flexibility in the types of beverages that can be packed and displayed in this format.

“Over 40 per cent of supply chain costs in a retail environment occur during the last 50 metres of a product’s journey as cartons are unloaded from pallets, transported into the store, unpacked, stacked on the shelf as stock is rotated and empty cartons thrown into waste.”

CHEP collaborated locally with an Australian retailer and soft drink manufacturer before asking design partners, Tontarelli in Italy, to develop the concept.

The footprint of the beverage trays is smaller than a standard pallet at 577mm in length, 385mm wide and 63mm high and can be used with wheeled platforms, allowing ease of movement and providing retailers the flexibility to accommodate a variety of floor plans.

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