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Customers to save time and money with the upgrade to CHEP’s online service system

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CHEP Asia-Pacific  has conducted a major upgrade to their Portfolio+Plus customer portal. These upgrades will provide customers with greater control of equipment travelling through the supply chain and improve business productivity.

Real-time access to stock movements, invoices and ordering and simplified administration is now available thanks to the enhancements made to the free online customer service system.

Portfolio+Plus boasts user-friendly functionality for all aspects of equipment transactions, enabling live updates and greater visibility of the movements of CHEP equipment.

This latest upgrade to the online customer service systems will help to save customers time and money through more effective and efficient management of CHEP equipment at every point in the supply chain.

Chris Andrews, CHEP Australia Services Manager explained that 96% of their equipment transactions are conducted electronically. “This online service makes it even easier for busy operations staff to track equipment movements and control all aspects of their account on a day to day basis.

“Seventy-three per cent of customers already have access to Portfolio+Plus. The feedback they have provided is reflected in this latest version.

“Our aim with the upgrade is to streamline processes and simplify transactions, thereby improving record accuracy and maintaining the integrity of the pool. These efficiencies will give customers more time to focus on their core business,” said Chris Andrews.

The Portfolio+Plus portal key enhancements include:

  • A live system allowing customers to instantly create, reverse and correct transactions as well as edit suspended transactions 
  • Capacity to carry out bulk entries online and/or upload multiple transactions at one time. 
  • Expanded administration functionality enabling customers to set up and maintain users, including trading partners as needed 
  • Flexible account and transaction reporting 
  • Greater visibility of transfer of hire records as equipment moves within the supply chain 
  • Improved ordering, including the ability to specify an alternative delivery address and give special instructions

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