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CHEP boxes help shorten supply chain in international collaboration

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article image Flint Group was able to get rid of double-handling with CHEP boxes, shortening the supply chain
A solution from CHEP Australia has helped leading ink manufacturer, Flint Group secure new business as well as shorten the supply chain from the Netherlands to Australia by up to two weeks.

Moving from a closed loop system using their own drums and tanks to working with CHEP boxes was a big step for Flint Group, according to Flint Group Sales Director - Print Media ANZ, Paul Lamberti.

Working with CHEP boxes for the first time, Flint Group was able to get rid of double-handling, with the boxes filled at their factory in Europe and shipped straight to their customer in Australia, shortening the length of the supply chain by a week or two.

Flint Netherlands ships around 250 tonnes a month of its flagship product, Premoking 4000 in Unicons to Flint Australia’s customer. Once emptied, the boxes are returned to CHEP Lidcombe Service Centre for cleaning and then relocated directly to Flint Netherlands, reducing handling and transport. CHEP also supplies Flint with specially designed ink liners.

According to Flint Group’s Denise Taylor, the company needed to supply a particular customer within a very short timeframe. CHEP Australia Senior Business Relationship Manager for Containers, Peter Gaddes explained that CHEP’s flexibility and behind-the-scenes cooperation across the global network was key to bringing the international deal together, with their teams across Australia, Europe and the US moving very quickly to tackle the logistical challenge.

Back in Australia, Denise Taylor had to come up with a clever solution to bridge the eight-week gap in the supply chain before the Unicons arrived from Europe. The CHEP boxes were filled from their drums at the Sydney facility until the supply from the Netherlands caught up to make it a seamless operation.

Paul Lamberti says that Flint Group is considering replicating the successful model in the US.

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