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CHEP becomes Primo's sole provider for pallet systems and pallet management

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CHEP Australia  have become the sole provider of pallets, boxes, containers and food crates to Primo, Australia’s largest producer of ham, bacon and small goods. Primo turned to CHEP to provide all of their pallet management needs and ensure the supply of goods match demand.

Pallets, boxes, containers and crates transport Primo and Hans products around Australia with CHEP providing their packaging and transport.

Primo made the switch to CHEP as its sole supplier of food crates and pallets in order to create a more efficient, streamlined process for its distribution and delivery, reduce costs and administration time. Until recently Primo split their pallet management over several suppliers.

Primo worked with CHEP Sales Team Leader, Matt Jager, to implement their pallet system over a two year period.

“Common sense decisions by CHEP such as increasing the plastic pallet pool have made our processes so much easier, saving us time and money, while providing reliability, flexibility and responsiveness,” Rob Ferris, Primo National Pallet Manager said.

The pallet system has produced more efficient delivery processes, simplified supplier relationships, cost effective supply models, minimal invoicing as well as minimal service failures.
Ferris said that in an unpredictable consumer environment where demand is always fluctuating, it is essential Primo install a reliable and consistent pallet system with a company who specialise in pallet management.

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