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CHEP Intercon IBC adds new efficiencies to Lesaffre’s supply chain

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Lesaffre Australia Pacific, a CHEP Australia customer for more than 10 years is a manufacturer of baker’s yeast and bread improvers, and a supplier of an extensive range of bakery ingredients.

Operating branches in four states and a network of distributors across the country, Lesaffre aims to service clients in Australia and the Pacific efficiently and cost-effectively.

Lesaffre was using the CHEPBox, a CHEP Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) designed specifically for food industry applications to transport up to 57,000 litres of liquid yeast each week from its Melbourne manufacturing site to its Perth distribution site.

CHEP decided to introduce Lesaffre to a new range of IBCs to enable the company to increase efficiencies in their supply chain, though the CHEPBoxes were moving well. Peter Gaddes, CHEP Senior Business Relationship Manager explained that CHEP focussed on continuously improving supply chain efficiencies and business process for their customers with an aim to decrease costs.

The next-generation Intercon IBCs are made from food-grade polypropylene, designed specifically for the food manufacturing sector and ideal for liquid and dry food applications.

Since the move to the Intercon 12 months ago, Lesaffre has benefited from multiple efficiencies, the biggest improvement being the increased handling capacity of the new IBC range. Quality products that meet HACCP and ISO standards are also a priority for Lesaffre with the CHEP Intercon featuring a number of innovations to meet the high standards of the food industry.

Key advantages of CHEP Intercon Intermediate Bulk Containers:

  • More than 60kg lighter than the CHEPBox and accommodates 50 litres more liquid yeast, reducing annual freight component
  • Enables Lesaffre to shift more product with fewer boxes, reducing the number of trips each year from 144 to 140 and saving on freight costs
  • Drop door on the side of the unit enables easy access to the base for manual filling and placement of liner bags
  • Strong, lightweight construction allows easy manoeuvring within the plant during filling
  • Unique four-way design allows forklift access from all four sides, providing improved OH&S standards and greater handling efficiencies
  • Smooth finished walls of the Intercon enable quick and easy cleaning with fewer catchment areas for the liquid yeast to get caught
According to Russell Cotterell, National Logistics and Purchasing Manager for Lesaffre Australia Pacific, the feedback from staff has been encouraging with everyone on the manufacturing floor, forklift drivers, truck drivers and those in the Perth distribution site expressing their satisfaction with the efficiency of the Intercons.

Lesaffre has been able to improve business processes across the board with key gains coming from reduced freight task and freight cost and better OH&S standards.

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