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Almondco replace wooden bins with CHEP's PB7 plastic bins

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Almondco has signed a seven year agreement with logistics service provider, CHEP Australia to replace its wooden bins with CHEP’s PB7.

The deal aims to maintain product quality and improve supply chain efficiency in light of Almondco’s projections to triple supply within three years. Almondco is responsible for processing almost 40% of Australia’s almond crop, processing, packing and marketing almond products on behalf of more than 80% of Australia’s almond growers.

“Based on current plantings, we expect to triple product output over the next few years. Finding service providers that can expand with us is paramount in ensuring consistency and efficiency as our business grows,” Brenton Woolston, Group General Manager at Almondco said.

Almondco determined CHEP’s plastic bins would be better to ensure product integrity, reduce the likelihood of product contamination and better suit their processes.

Almondco took advantage of CHEP’s pooled model to avoid the costly investment needed to increase bin stock. The pooled model has CHEP supply, manage and return bins into the Almondco supply chain.

Mr Woolston said that CHEP’s reputation for being able to supply large volumes of bins in a timely and cost-affective manner was a major selling point for Almondco and the scalability inherent in CHEP’s pooling model was a very important benefit.

The PB7 has improved stacking as they hold their shape, are easy to clean and are impervious to moisture. The absence of nails, broken boards and splinters creates an improved OH&S environment and its lightweight design makes the bin easier to handle and lowers transport costs compared to wooden bins.

CHEP’s rigorous cleaning and repair processes match Almondco’s high quality standards within the supply chain.

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