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Open die forgings available from CGC Kymon

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article image Open die forgings in various sizes and configurations, available from CGC Kymon

CGC Kymon offers a specialist open die forging service for the shaping of metal parts to specification.

Unlike closed or impression die forging, which confines the metal, open die forging never entirely restrains or confines the metal in the dies.

CGC Kymon’s process of open die forging involves heated metal parts being shaped between a top ram attached die attached and a press bed or hammer anvil bottom die. The metal parts are worked to extreme temperatures, such as 1050°C to 1320°C for steel, and are then shaped to specification using skilled hammering or pressing.

The majority of open die forgings are produced using flat dies. Dependent on the required part configuration and size CGC Kymon also utilises mandrels, V-dies, round swaging dies, pins and loose tools.

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