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CGC Kymon to supply precision engineered forgings for Winergy AG of Germany

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CGC Kymon  has secured a significant export win to Germany. CGC Kymon will deliver over 1100 tonnes of precision engineered forgings in 2008 to Winergy AG of Germany, a part of the Siemens group of companies.

CGC Kymon’s high integrity engineered gear components are used in drive mechanisms for wind turbines. CGC Kymon also supports Australian industry and recycling by using 100% Australian made steel in its exports, comprised of greater than 95% recycled materials.

The Hon. Simon Crean MP, Minister for Trade, said CGC Kymon’s success showed that an increasing commitment to green energy by governments in Europe could deliver real export opportunities for Australian business.

“Climate change represents not just an environmental and economic challenge but also an opportunity to expand trade and create jobs,” Simon Crean said.

“Australia has the opportunity to become a world leader in zero and low emissions technologies.

“The German market shows the scale of this opportunity. The German Government has set an ambitious target to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 40% compared with 1990 levels, well beyond what is required by the Kyoto agreement. This includes phasing out nuclear power and increasing renewable energy sources.

“Germany already has over 16,000 wind turbines and produces 40% of the world's total wind power. By 2010, wind will meet 12.5% of Germany’s energy needs.

“Australia has long demonstrated excellence in advanced manufacturing. Companies like CGC Kymon are applying that capability to growing opportunities in the rapidly growing international renewable energy market.”

CGC Kymon has invested over $1 million in a new plant to become an accredited supplier of precision engineered forgings to Siemens’ German manufacturing facilities and to meet the growing demand for gear parts from Winergy AG.

“With a 90 year history of precision manufacturing and forging for a wide range of industries from mining to shipbuilding, CGC Kymon is an excellent example of how our manufacturing sector can benefit from the opportunities arising from an increasing international commitment to greenhouse gas reduction,” Simon Crean said.

CGC Kymon has received the support of Austrade in other markets including the US and New Zealand, and is looking to work with Austrade to examine further opportunities in the European Union, Asia and North America.

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